Visiting Etiquette

We encourage parents to come and observe the classroom after Thanksgiving of each school year. Information will be provided early in the school year regarding the timing of formal observations, but please do not hesitate to call or email at any time to let us know that you would like to observe.sal-20140104-montessori_classroom-3601_HDR

Our Montessori classroom is an environment especially created for a community of children from age 3 through 6, who are guided by Montessori-trained teachers, perhaps assisted by another adult.

We are happy you are able to visit and we hope it will be an informative and positive experience. Observation is difficult. It is important that you observe as a naturalist observes – without interaction that would disturb and change the phenomenon:

  • Please sit quietly.
  • Do not interact with the teacher unless you are approached.
  • If children approach you, be pleasant but brief. You may say something like “I came to see you work.”
  • Observe individual children of different ages.
  • Observe the entire class.
  • Look for qualities of independence, self-discipline, self-direction, attention, concentration and joy.

sal-20140104-montessori_classroom-3637The teachers will be engaged in working with and observing the children, and may not have time to speak with you for very long at the end of your observation. A longer discussion is best suited for after class time, and you are welcome to request this.

Our Classroom Teachers will provide you further written guidelines to make the observation as successful as possible.

Montessori pedagogy calls for maximum opportunities for the child to feel and act independently in the classroom environment. Minimum adult activity in the classroom is a reality that best helps lead us to this goal. However we would invite and encourage parent involvement in all sorts of activities that would help provide the best program for your child and help you be a direct part of your child’s education. One of the most basic and valuable support parents can provide is help the child prepare and debrief each day by sharing what you did in your occupation and hearing what your child did during their day and compare notes. This kind of discussion, if started now can be an on going habit that will be a terrific way to stay connected with each other throughout all their academic experiences.